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University of Nottingham Centre for Biomolecular Science Expansion

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A place of educationally-vital scientific research and study deserves to be curated to perfection. That’s why GF Tomlinson Building selected Derry Ltd to co-ordinate the design and build of Mechanical and Electrical Services Packages in the expansion of their Centre for Biomolecular Science, whilst blending in with the pre-existing building’s architectural and structural elements.

Envisioning change

Geniuses on the cusp of scientific breakthroughs are not to be disturbed. So, in close collaboration with the Design Team and end users, Derry Ltd set to work on a fully detailed design using the latest 3D software to quietly co-ordinate service requirements – the 13,049 metres of pipework, the 1600 light fittings and 2649 electrical sockets – and predict the high-traffic areas that would need especially space-efficient installation. On top of all this, the existing Boots Science facility’s chiller plant needed relocation to make room for the CBS expansion. Avoiding disruptions, Derry Ltd programmed and installed a temporary chiller plant and power generator to enable the continued operation of the facility until the seamless transition to the new plant.

The hub of opportunity

The Centre, completed in October 2019, hosts offices and meeting rooms alongside scientifically critical laboratories with Fume & LEV systems, cryogenic facilities, cold & freezer environments and a naturally ventilated feature Atrium.


Images courtesy of Benoy.com