Building the future

We love it when our work goes unnoticed

People may not notice when M&E services are done properly, but we guarantee they’ll notice when they’re not— when the cable won’t reach, or when the blinds don’t meet, or when the air-con hums like it doesn’t know the words.

That’s why we’re proud to be the hidden force behind your customers’ comfort, providing schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, industrial buildings and leisure facilities with the cutting-edge solutions that actively enhance the way people live and work.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Design Services

Combining the latest computer software with years of experience, Derry Ltd provides a full design and install service for all your mechanical and electrical systems.

We use advanced BIM modelling capabilities and specialist tools to deliver bespoke solutions for everything from air conditioning, heating, ventilation and safety equipment, to renewable energy and electrical distribution. All our low-cost, low-risk solutions are delivered to the highest professional standards and are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

“Derry Ltd are able to provide a fully coordinated services model for BIM based projects, and were able to provide us with quality COBie data.”

Chris Dixon, Associate Architect and BIM Manager, Franklin Ellis Architects